Seedr: the best web client to direct download torrents

Since its appearance more than 15 years ago, file sharing over the Torrent network (BitTorrent) has been one of the fastest and safest options. Since its inception, there have been torrent clients available, such as Azureus (now Vuze) or other more recent and extensive ones such as Transmission, which recently released v3.0. But what happens when we can not install software on a computer? One of the best options is Seedr, a service that will allow us to do everything from a web browser.

Before someone asks why we might need services like Seedr, we can imagine several situations where we can not download a torrent client. For example, if we want to download a torrent on a computer that is not ours, like our office. Or, why not say it, the operating system we use restricts these types of apps, which happens in iOS and the recently renamed iPadOS. Seedr even works on Apple devices.

How to download torrent with

The worst thing about Seedr is that it only works with recording, but it's a low price to pay to be able to download torrents anywhere or on any device. The steps to follow would be as follows:

01. We open a browser.

02. Leave the project page.

03. We add an email and password to register. It is important to put a real email or, otherwise, we will not be able to complete the registration.

04. Then we check the inbox of the emails, find the email and finish the registration. We may have to wait a bit and sometimes that won't happen. If this is the case, you should write an email to the project support team. Steps 1 to 4 will not have to be redone.

05. Once inside the main page, we will see something like you have it under these lines (without the added file). What we need to do now is get a .magnet link. While there may be many cases in which downloading a torrent is legal, we cannot make it easier to search for .magnet link websites due to legal issues.

06. We copy the .magnet link. If what we have is a .torrent file, we can convert it to a magnet by Torrent2Magnet.

07. Then we go back to Seedr, paste the link where it says "Paste link URL here" and hit Enter. It will be added as a task. As you can see, I added the .magnet to download Top Gun 1986.

08. Once the task is added, we need to start the download. We move the cursor over it and the options to download, copy or delete will appear. We must click on the first icon. He will offer us to download the file as we would for any other file on the Internet.

09. We are waiting for the download to complete.

10. Finally, we unzip the file, because Seedr automatically compresses it into ZIP.

Works in any browser, but with restrictions

The best thing about Seedr is that it works in any browser. Just as there are services like o that, although I hope they improve, that they work when they want (almost never), Seedr works perfectly in all types of browsers, even the most restricted mobiles. The only thing needed for it to work directly from the browser is that it allows downloading files, which even the iPhone browser allows.

The downside is that it has limitations. The free version only allows us to download files with a maximum size of 2 GB, but this capacity can be increased if we pass the word and invite people via Twitter, email, Facebook, or Pinterest. If you need to remove all restrictions, we can upgrade to Premium with three different subscription types:

  • Basic: for 6.95 € / month we can download faster, play files in HD and increase the ceiling to 30 GB.
  • Pro: for 9.95 € / month we can use private trackers, save more files, faster downloads, and a maximum of 100 GB.
  • Master: for 19.95 € / month we can also mount Seedr as a network drive or even use scripts, raising the ceiling to 1 TB of storage.

Logically, what is explained in this article is not very interesting for those of us who can install a client on our computer, but surely those who cannot and will make Seedr one of their favorite web services do not think so.