The best gaming keyboard: Corsair, Razer, Logitech, what to choose?

"Gamers" have several excellent options to improve their "gaming" experience without going bankrupt, but the best "gaming" keyboard will be different for each style of "gamer".

The Redragon K561 Visnu is one of the best current mechanical keyboards that won't affect your wallet much. This business model sells for about $40. However, you'll have to shell out more money if you want features like easy macro key setup, RGB per-key lighting, high-performance key switches, fully programmable buttons, discrete media controls, and best-in-class quality to enhance your gaming experience.

The following list includes the best "gamer" keyboards we have tested. Featuring a new RGB keyboard backlight and adjustable key sensitivity, the new SteelSeries Apex Pro is currently in testing and Logitech has just announced low-profile wired and wireless keyboards, available with three types of switches. Don't know the difference between mechanical and membrane switches? After consulting our selection of the best "gamer" keyboards, go to the buying tips section. Also, if you think another mechanical keyboard you know should be on this list, please leave us a message in the comments.

Buying guide: how to choose the best gaming keyboard?

Just like when choosing a better "gamer" mouse, getting the right gaming keyboard has a lot to do with your personal preferences (and budget). For example, in our case, we like touch switches, those where the actuation point can be felt, but not those that click when operated. Linear switches, like the Cherry MX Reds, don't have that tactile feedback, but due to their low actuation force and smooth actuation, they're among the game's favorites, especially when multiple presses on the same key are required.

Plus, some keyboards can offer a great gaming experience, but you may not like the writing daily. For example, those same Cherry MX Red switches that are great for video games may be too light to write for some people. If you have the option to test different types of switches before purchasing a new keyboard, we recommend that you do so.

Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard

If you're willing to spend almost $200 on the best gaming keyboard, this mechanical model is our top pick for a great gaming experience, and that's largely due to its lighting effects. It's a solid keyboard both in design and performance, thanks to its Razer purple "optomechanical" switches, which offer fast response time and a good typing experience if you like touch and clickable sound keyboards. There are multimedia controls (although it would be great if the icons of these buttons also had to light up, and not just the edges) and they are programmable, like all the keys.

Le meilleur clavier de gaming : Corsair, Razer, Logitech, que choisir ?
The best gaming keyboard: Corsair, Razer, Logitech, what to choose?

Razer's Synapse software gives you great control over keyboard settings, although if you don't make adjustments on your own, you can simply use their default settings. In addition to the key lighting, a light strip surrounds the outer edge of the keyboard and the included padded wrist rest, which attaches magnetically to the keyboard.

However, the Huntsman Elite uses a second USB port on your computer, and it doesn't have a USB relay port to make up for this situation. If this is an important detail for you, we recommend the Razer BlackWidow Elite, which costs about 50 euros less and has a variety of switches.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard

This is our current favorite among backlit "gamer" keyboards without a numeric keyboard. The G Pro stands out for its size, fast response speed, and solid design. Romer G touch switches provide a light pulsation response, without being noisy. The keyboard is designed for esports, so it's pretty basic (for example, it doesn't have keys for media control or wrist rests). However, this budget-friendly backlit model has a removable USB cable for easy portability and three levels of height adjustment. And it has a fairly hard body, able to withstand intense activity.

Logitech's G Hub software is easy to use, so you don't have to waste time searching for settings or control options. And adding macros to the function keys is also a pretty simple process.

Clavier gamer Alliage FPS RGB d’HyperX

It is the best gaming keyboard with a solid design and quick response for video games and typing. Kailh's Speed Silver linear switches are quiet and smooth, with low actuation force and a short actuation point, so fast double or triple keys were not an issue in our tests. Plus, you can swap the original key covers for the new double-shot white glass covers, which look amazing.

NGenuity software is easy to use, with video game presets and custom settings. You can also save up to three profiles in the keyboard memory. It sells for just over $100, and while it doesn't have wrist rests or discreet media controls, it's one of the few on the list with a removable braided cable, and it has a USB passthrough port that lets you charge a phone.