The September update for Windows Subsystem for Android is released

The Windows Subsystem for Android is getting a fresh update through all of the Windows Insider Channels, according to Microsoft. The most recent update, which came out in September, changed the version number to 2208.40000.4.0. This was done to make the software more useful overall.

This version includes 14 different modifications, many of which are minor. The changes Microsoft made to the gaming experience last month didn't have the same significant impact this month. Nevertheless, according to Microsoft, the update will enhance performance, general reliability, input difficulties, security, and general dependability. There are a couple of places where you'll see this. The performance of startup operations and the uninstallation of programs should all be improved. App scrolling will also be more fluid.

Additionally, Microsoft released updates for gamepads that use several apps and fixed issues related to copying and pasting huge amounts of material. The list below contains all the information in full:

  • Reliability fixes for App Not Responding (ANR) errors
  • Improvements to input compatibility shims
  • Improvements to scrolling (smoothness) in apps
  • Usability Improvements to the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app
  • Startup performance improvements
  • Fixed crashes when copying and pasting extremely large content
  • UX improvements for the game controls dialog
  • Improvements to networking
  • General graphics improvements
  • Improvements for gamepad when using multiple apps
  • Improved performance of uninstalling apps
  • Fixed video playback issue for apps
  • Updated to Chromium WebView 104
  • Linux kernel security updates

Keep in mind that the Windows Subsystem for Android is still only available in Japan and the United States.Microsoft wants to get user feedback before releasing this release to the general public because it is just for Windows Insiders. In the event that you run across any problems, you can always report them directly through the Windows 11 Feedback Hub. Microsoft has not yet disclosed any, but this may change as feedback is received.