What is the value of Pi Network, and its forecast?

I recently told you about Pi Network, a digital currency (also known as cryptocurrency) that is undermined via its smartphone. You are interested in it from near or far, and you want to know its value and the forecast of its value for future years? You've come to the right place, let's take stock.

What is the value of Pi Network?

Launched in 2019 by three young graduates of Stanford University in California, Pi Network is a cryptocurrency that has more than 25 million Pioneers (the people who mine this cryptocurrency from their smartphones).

Its value is currently 0 euro because the project is not yet completed. Indeed, the team behind this project is waiting to have accomplished the objectives to launch the token. Phase 3 (the Mainnet), the largest and most anticipated to date for this project, is expected to arrive at the end of 2021. The token will therefore be able to increase in value.

What is the forecast of the value of Pi Network?

According to cryptocurrency analysts, and according to the site Capital.com, the value of the PI token should take its first value in the coming weeks.

Indeed, 2022 is the official date for the launch of the Pi Network project and the token should take a value between $ 0.0127 (about $ 0.010) and € 0.0212 (about $ 0.017) for the period 2021/2025 according to Digitalcoinprice.com. However, Digitalcoinprice.com removed this information from its website on March 19, 2021.

It is also announced that in 7 years, the estimate of the PI will be worth more than $ 0.030 (about $ 0.025).

What do you think? Have you tried the adventure? Even if it's a scam, you'll only waste your time one second a day by clicking the mining button. The rest of the time, your smartphone will work for you and you will have nothing to do but wait 24 hours to start again. The app is not able to steal your data or even use more batteries.

How do I join the Pi Network?

Accessing Pi Network is by referral only. Know that if you join the adventure today, you immediately win 1 PI (and me too) and you can sponsor other members around you as well. To register just go to this address and download the application, you can easily mine from your smartphone.

If you are wondering: where to exchange the IP cryptocurrency? Where to store PI tokens? When will PI reach Phase 3? You can consult our guide that explains the whole Pi Network project.