Will Stop Holding Battle of the Golds Forever?

The Old Boys Association of St. Sebastian's College has decided to stop holding the historic game due to an incident between two players of the two schools during the Battle of the Golds 2021 between Prince of wales' College and St. Sebastian's College.

This incident was filed as a complaint to the Sri Lanka School Cricket Association by St. Sebastian's College the week after the incident. After that, the results of the long investigation involving the relevant players, sports teachers as well as sports referees from both sides came out in a letter on August 8th.

This letter was addressed to both schools. By the 15th of August, both schools had received. According to the letter, a one-year suspension was imposed on both players. Unsatisfied with this ban, the Old Boys Association of St. Sebastian's College has decided not to hold the big cricket match until the relevant player is removed from the cricket team.

However, when asked about the truth or falsity of this information from the famous former students of St. Sebastian's College who were successful in the cricket game, their answer was that St. Sebastian's College is a school that takes great care of sportsmen's discipline and respects traditions and produces good citizens. It is their belief that the situation remains the same today as in the past.

Therefore, the investigation conducted by the Sri Lanka School Cricket Association and the decision issued by the Sri Lanka School Cricket Association should not be rejected at all. They said that it will completely destroy the dignity of the game.

Image source - batsman.com

Furthermore, they further stated that these two players have forgotten what happened during the competitive moment of the match, but if a few people try to show unnecessary seriousness based on that incident, they will commit a serious crime.